Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Hi everyone my friend Mansi Desai from Fun and Food tagged me to write a few things about myself using the letters of my middle name. I don't have a middle name so I used the word ''Honey'' instead. Honey could be a name but it is also my favourite sweet! So here goes .....

Happy - I try to be happy about things in life because even when things are not so good, you can always be in a worse situation than the one your currently in. I think it's best to laugh at the silly things in life rather than stress over them. We can't be happy 24/7 but I think it sure is a great idea to try!

Oats - I eat oats for my breakfast at least 3-4 times a week. Porridge is my favourite breakfast of all time! It all started one winter when we were kids and we ate a lot of porridge for snacks because it was warm. I have ate it ever since and love it.

- I love nature, animals and plants etc are fascinating to me. I love breathing in the fresh air of the out doors. There are a lot of beautiful places in the world, where ever there is nature I think there is beauty. :)

Everlasting Love - I love my husband and kids soooo much! The love I feel for my family is ever lasting and so very precious. That is why it is great to enjoy cooking so I can please my family and make them happy with what I cook for them. Eating is a privilege in this world that is why it is good to enjoy your food and have fun with it. :)

- Egg yolks, Honey, Buttercups, Sunflowers, ducks, lemons and so many more reasons to like this colour. Its bright and vibrant and one of my favourite colours.

I hope you liked reading the 5 things about myself. Now my job is to tag some more bloggers so we can all get to know some more people better. So here are my tags...

Seena from Simple and Delicious
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Seec from En Samayal Arai
Deepa from Deepa's Kitchen
Nags from For the Cook in Me

I had fun doing this post thank you Mansi. :)

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