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0 Praline Recipe (Sugared almond recipe)

This sugared almonds praline recipe is perfect to sprinkle on top of cakes, desserts, ice cream to add to many other sweet recipes.

Not only are my praline almonds delicious as an addition to sweet recipes but they are fantastic to eat as a sweet nut crunch in a bowl.

Why not check out my tasty strawberry gateau recipe where I sprinkle these tantalising sweet almond nuts all over the beautiful dessert and it works and tastes a treat!

Ingredients for Jeenas praline recipe

2oz Almonds
2oz Caster Sugar

Picture of whole almonds.

How to make Jeenas sugared almonds praline recipe.

Chop up the almonds.

Place into a pan at a medium heat. Keep shaking the pan so that the almonds toast evenly.

You do not need to brown the almonds, just lightly toast them for a minute or two until you smell the almonds toasting.

Notice that the almonds only toasted to a light golden colour not dark.

On a medium heat warm up the caster sugar.

Keep stiring the sugar until it melts down into an amber colour.

Add the toasted almonds straight away and mix well.

Lightly grease a plate or tray and pour the sugared almonds onto it, leave to cool.

Once cooled place into a plastic bag and tap with a rolling pin.

Your sugared almonds praline recipe is now ready to use.


Enjoy Jeenas sugared almonds on top of your favourite sweets and dessert or my strawberry gateau recipe!


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