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0 Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds

Kalojni Seeds
are also known as Black Onion Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Black Seeds and Nigella Seeds.

These seeds are very similar in size to a sesame seed, they are black in colour and have a very fragrant strong aroma.

Used mainly in bread recipes and savoury dishes; kalonji has a very distinctive aroma and taste. If you love to eat Indian cuisine then you will more than likely love the flavour of the kalonji seed.

Although extremely delicious, kalonji seeds are not just good for flavouring your favourite recipes, kalonji seeds have amazing health benefits too.

See how small the black kalonji seeds are on the end of a butter knife.

See how small the kalonji seeds are in comparison to a pistachio nut.

Kalonji Seeds Health Benefits

Kalonji seeds have been know to have many healing properties including migraine, chronic colds, palpitations, alopecia, asthma, bee stings, paralysis, amnesia, skin disorders, facial palsy, earache and respiratory diseases.

Kalonji is also known to benefit the stomach due to anti-bacterial properties.

Cold pressed Kalonji oil can help with dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis and has benefits to the scalps and joints through massage.

Kalonji seeds are an expectorant.

They are also known to be beneficial for respiratory problems and are anti-inflammatory.

If Kalonji seeds are used in conjunction with vinegar they are known to help gum and teeth problems including pain.

You can take kalonji seeds as they are in cooking or as a cold pressed oil or powder.

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