Tuesday, August 5, 2008

0 Jeenas Kitchen Food Blog Event - Fishing Trip

Ahoy ahoy! All Hands on Deck!
Come Fishing with Jeenas Kitchen!

Yes! This event is all about fish and seafood.
Come on board and get cooking your delicious fish and seafood recipes that you love the most, or why not experiment with some new fish and seafood ideas?

Fish and seafood can be very healthy to eat, some fish contain omega oils which are essential for good health.

You can not have a better reason than this to cook some delicious fish and seafood recipes for this event.

You only need to follow a few steps to join this event

***** Please read all the following before joining *****

1. No other meats can be used in this event other than fish or seafood - no red meats/poultry/game allowed.

2. Send an email to jeenaskitchenevents (at) googlemail (dot) com with the following;

a) Your name and name of blog

b) Name of recipe and URL of recipe

3. Link to this food blog event from your recipe entry.

4. All entries must be sent in before the finishing date 5th September. And remember that you do not need a blog to enter this event.

You can display the large or small logo on your post.

Jeenaskitchen memories foodie event was a great success; it was a pleasure to read all of your wonderful stories and delicious recipes.
I look forward to your entries I can not wait to see all of your tasty fish and seafood recipes.
Thanks, Jeena xxx

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