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0 Fishing Trip Recipes - Round Up

Fishing Trip Recipe Event Round Up

Ahoy! Here it is what you have all been waiting for... Jeenas Kitchen Fish Recipe Round Up!

We have had a wonderful bunch of entries to this
fish recipe event.

Cooking fish seems to be very popular which is great news considering the
health benefits of fish oils and how very delicious fish is to taste.

You would be amazed at how cooking different kinds of fish in different methods can change the way fish tastes all together.

Come and try out some new
fish recipes here at Jeenas Kitchen because this round up of fish recipes is fabulous, tasty and so diverse.

Please take your time and click on the link provided to see the full fish or seafood recipe from each entry.

Thank you everybody for taking part in this delicious fish and seafood feast!

Fishing Trip Event Round Up

Sorro Puttu Recipe (Shredded Fish Fry Recipe)

entered this mouth watering sorro puttu recipe.

Rekha steams her fish then shreds the fish meat into a pan of cumin and mustard seeds and other aromatic spices.

This is one tasty fish recipe!

To see this delicious fish recipe for yourself see Rekhas entry here

Picture of Rekhas sorro puttu recipe.
Spicy Fish Curry Recipe

Suma has entered this tasty spicy fish curry recipe.

Suma uses tamarind, coconut milk and shallots in her curry recipe to produce her delicious dish. Suma also serves her fish curry with hot rice or tapioca.

What a fantastic fish recipe to eat.

To see her full fish recipe see Sumas entry here

Picture of Sumas spicy fish curry recipe.
Shrimp Biryani Recipe

Ramya has entered a delightful shrimp biryani recipe.

Ramya marinates the shrimp with chilli and garlic then cooks it along with more spices, onions and rice.

This is one delicious shrimp dish.

To see her full recipe see Ramyas event entry

Picture of Ramyas shrimp biryani recipe.

Prawn Masala Recipe

Sanhita has entered a tantalizing prawn masala recipe.

Sanhita cooks her prawns in tomatoes with a garlic and ginger paste and curry leaves. She adds fresh coriander at the end of her delicious dry prawn masala.

It sure does look very tasty.

To see the full recipe see Sanhitas event entry

Picture of Sanhitas prawn masala recipe.


Easy Garlic Prawns Recipe

Kitchen flavours has entered a wonderful easy garlic prawns recipe.

She cooks her prawns in olive oil and garlic and tops with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

This certainly is a tasty seafood recipe.

To see her full recipe see Kitchen flavours event entry

Picture of easy garlic prawns recipe.


Baby Shrimps Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry Recipe

Vani has entered an ambrosial baby shrimps stir fry recipe.

Vani soaks her baby shrimp in hot water then add it with drumstick leaves to a pan of spices and onions and adds coconut to the dish.

What a delicious meal to eat.

To see her full recipe click
Vanis event entry here

Picture of Illatharasis baby shrimp and drumstick stir fry recipe.

Sesame Scallops with Ponzu Spinach Recipe

Lisa has entered a delicious sesame scallops with ponzu spinach recipe.

Lisa sears her fresh scallops in oil then cooks her spinach in the same pan with the ponzu sauce. Lisa sprinkles sesame seeds over her cooked scallop dish and serves.

This is one great scallop dish!

To see Lisa full scallop recipe see Lisa event entry here

Picture of Lisas sesame scallops with ponzu spinach recipe.

Spicy Crab Fry Recipe

Ramyas has entered a tasty spicy crab fry recipe.

Ramya cooks her crab in a garlic ginger paste with chilli and fennel seeds adding a coconut paste at the end.

This sure is a delicious crab recipe!

To see her full recipe see Ramyas event entry here

Picture of Ramyas spicy crab fry recipe.

Grouper with Fennel Bulb Recipe

Ivy has entered a mouth watering grouper with fennel recipe wrapped in parchment paper.

Ivy places her fish onto layers of fresh fennel and herbs with lemon slices on top. She bakes her fish in the parchment paper to produce a lovely steamed fish recipe.

What a lovely recipe to serve!

To see the full recipe see Ivys event entry here

Picture of Ivys grouper with fennel in parchment paper recipe.


Crab Masala Recipe

Suganya has entered an enticing crab masala recipe.

Suganya cooks her crab pieces with fresh green chillies, spices and coconut with a little urad dhal for tempering.

It sure looks a wonderful crab dish to eat.

To see her full recipe see Suganyas event entry here

Picture of Suganyas crab masala recipe.


Cioppino Recipe

Aggie has entered a tantalizing cioppino recipe.

Aggie cooks a stew of fennel, celery and tomatoes along with clams, scallops and fish to produce a delicious healthy dish.

It sure looks a tasty seafood meal.

To see her full recipe see Aggies event entry here

Pictures of Aggies cioppino recipe.

Thai Fish Curry Recipe

Cakelaw has entered a flavourful Thai fish curry recipe.

Cakelaw uses a red curry paste along with kaffir lime leaves and pumpkin to produce this delicious Thai curry dish.

It looks so lovely and tasty.

To see more details see Cakelaws event entry here

Picture of Gaynas Thai fish curry recipe.


Meen Peera Pattichathu Recipe (Fish with Grated Coconut Recipe)

Raji has entered a tasty fish with coconut recipe.

Raji cooks a coconut paste with chilli ginger and garlic and adds the fish. She then simmers the dish and seasons at the end.

This is a tasty Kerala recipe.

To see her full recipe see Rajis event entry here

Picture of Rajis fish with coconut recipe.


Gazpacho Fish with Advacado Salsa Recipe

has entered a delicious gazpacho fish with advacado salsa recipe.

Cindy cooks simmers her fish with tomatoes, red wine vinegar and garlic, she uses artichoke hearts and serves with fresh advocado.

It sure is a delicious fish recipe.

To see her full recipe see Cindys event entry here

Picture of Cindys gazpacho fish recipe.


Prawn Masala Recipe

Priti has entered a mouth watering prawn masala recipe.

Priti marinates her prawns with lemo juice and spices before cooking them with tomatoes and garam masala.

This is a tasty prawn recipe indeed.

To see her full recipe see Pritis event entry here
Picture of Pritis prawn masala recipe.


Blackened Tilapia Recipe

Mary Ann has entered an exquisite blackened tilapia recipe.

Mary Ann coats her fish with paprika, oregano and pepper then cooks the fish quickly in a skillet in hot olive oil.

This is a tasty quick fish recipe.

To see her full recipe see Mary Anns event entry here

Picture of Mary Anns blackened tilapia recipe.


Fish Biryani Recipe
Yasmeen has entered a scrumptious fish biryani recipe.

Yasmeen marinates the fish in garam masala and other spices and cooks rice and vegetables seperatley before layering each on top of the other.

This is a tasty fish dish.

To see her full recipe see Yasmeens event entry here

Picture of Yasmeens fish biryani recipe.

Link ensconced in Zucchini Ribbons with Mango Salsa Recipe

Natalie has entered a delectable link ensconced in zucchini ribbons recipe.

Natalie marinades her fish with fresh herbs and lime before wrapping her fish in thin slices of zucchini and grilling. She serve swith her tasty mango salsa recipe.

This is one lovely fish recipe.

To see her full recipes see Natalies event entry here
Picture of Natalies link ensconced in zucchini ribbons recipe.


Thank you so much everybody for all of your fabulous fish and seafood kitchen creations!

I really enjoyed reading all the different fish and seafood recipe entries and I hope you do too, so take your time and browse through Jeenas Kitchen delicious fish recipe round up.

Stay tuned for Jeenas Kitchen next foodie event!

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