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0 Gluten free Fig roll - homemade newton biscuit recipe.

Healthy Biscuits that taste so good !

You will find fig roll biscuits in most British household biscuit tins, even people that would not eat a dried fig would love to taste a fig roll. Also known as a fig newton in the USA where they originated from and now people from all over the world eat them.
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We eat fig rolls with a cup of tea or just as a lovely snack.

Instead of figs you can also use dates and apricots.

I use my sweet gluten free pastry for the biscuit.

I will be posting a separate fig roll recipe that does contain gluten but this fig roll recipe is fully a gluten free recipe, egg free and is also a vegan recipe.

My fig rolls are really easy to bake and look fantastic on a plate.

Figs, dates and apricots are a healthy treat to eat and so very good for you !

Ingredients for this homemade Fig Roll (newton) recipe.

Chef Jeenas Sweet gluten free pastry
8oz Dried figs

You can use 4oz Dates (chopped, stones removed) and 4oz dried Apricots (unsulphured) instead of 8oz of figs.

Picture of a fig roll from the side.

Picture of the inside of a fig roll.

How to make a Fig Roll

Dust a large piece of plastic wrap with rice flour.

Take half of Chef Jeenas sweet gluten free pastry and press it down using your fingers and gently roll out.

If any gaps occur use your fingers to mould the pastry into shape.

Place all of the figs or dates and apricots into a blender.

Blend the fruit by switching the blender on then off again until you end up with a sticky mushy ball of dried fruit.

Take half of the fruit mixture and roll into a large sausage shape.

Start to roll the fruit mixture up being careful not to wrap the plastic wrap up with the fruit.

You can place the fig roll into the fridge for a while before slicing it if you like.

Slice into 2 inch fig roll biscuits and place onto a greased and floured baking tray.

Cook in a hot oven at 180C for 10 minutes or until golden.

Cool on a cooling rack.

Leave to cool completely.

Enjoy Chef Jeenas gluten free fig roll recipe with a cup of tea or coffee.

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