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0 How to Cook Boiled Rice

Step-by-step Guide How to Cook Boiled Rice

We all have different ways of cooking rice, there are also different kinds of rice to cook, Chefs rice recipe uses Basmati rice.

For those of us that already know how to cook rice it may seem easy as it comes naturally, but if you think back to before we knew how to cook rice correctly I bet there are some memories that will make you smile of what a disaster it can be to a novice.

If you are someone who can not seem to get your rice quite right then look no further than here as Chefs step by step guide of how to cook rice perfectly will make rice a success in your kitchen.

Rice is a great staple food to eat, you can have it as a side dish or as a main dish with Indian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Arabic food and much more.

If you like a slightly chewy rice then you can alter the cooking time from 12 to 10 minutes and the steaming time from 12 to 10 minutes - do not alter any other part of the rice recipe.

Chef finds that cooking it for the 12 minutes is the the texture people like most best.

Always remember when cooking basmati rice one trick is to not remove the lid until the rice is ready to eat.

Ingredients to cook Rice recipe
10oz Basmati Rice
500ml Cold water
1/2 tsp Salt
1 -2 tsp Oil ( 1 tablespoon can also added)
Water to soak the rice
Oil or Butter to stir through (optional)

Tip from Chef....if you add a little extra oil or butter the rice grains separate much easier, you can do this when the water is brought to the boil or after the rice is ready.

How to Cook Rice

Weigh the rice.

Thoroughly rinse the rice under a tap using a sieve.

You want the starches (cloudy white colour) to run clear.

Place rinsed rice into a dish and cover with water.

Soak for 30 minutes.

Drain off the water and place rice into a pan along with the salt and oil, mix.

Pour over the 500ml of cold water.

Make sure there are no rice grains stuck to the side of the pan and all of the rice is covered with the water.

Bring the rice to the boil, mix then place a secure lid on the pan and turn the heat to the lowest setting.

Simmer for 12 minutes.

Do not remove the lid.

Carefully remove the pan from the stove and leave for a further 12 minutes.

Do not remove the lid.

Only now can you remove the lid.

Let the steam escape then fluff the rice with a fork.

Optionally you can stir in a little oil or butter through the rice.

Enjoy your perfectly cooked basmati rice recipe.

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