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0 Vegan sweetcorn rice recipe

Vegan sweetcorn rice recipe.

If you love rice dishes then I guarantee that you will love this vegan sweetcorn and button mushrooms rice recipe.

This dish tastes so good that even though the recipe produces a huge pan of tasty rice you will still think there is not enough as you will be going back for seconds along with everyone else at the table.

With a combination of fresh sweetcorn, sweet red pepper, onions and button mushrooms this is one healthy rice recipe.

Chef uses fresh ginger and garlic to flavour the rice.

To serve the rice Chef gently sautes some baby spring onions and places them on top of each individual plate of rice which is then served with tamari sauce and fresh black pepper and light
ly fried cubes of smoked tofu.

Ingredients for vegan sweetcorn rice

2 Corn on the cobs
1 large Sweet red pointed pepper (diced)
1 Onion (diced)
2 cups White button mushrooms
2 cups of Chestnut button mushrooms
3 Garlic cloves (minced)
2-3 inch Fresh ginger (minced)
Pan of Chefs White basmati rice
Baby spring onions
1 pack Smoked tofu (chunks)
Rice bran oil

Pictures of cooked baby spring onions.

Picture of cubes of smoked tofu.

How to make sweetcorn rice

Rinse and soak the rice for 30 minutes as stated in Chefs easy rice recipe

Slice any of the larger button mushrooms in half but keep the small ones whole.

Slice the fresh corn kernels from the cob.

Take a large pan and on a low/medium heat cook the onions and red pepper until they soften.

Do not brown the onions and peppers, gently cook to bring the sweetness out of the vegetables.

Add the garlic and ginger cook for a few minutes, stir well.

Add the fresh sweetcorn stir well and keep cooking.

When the fresh sweetcorn starts to soften add salt to taste and add the mushrooms, keep stiring well.

If using frozen sweetcorn this will not take as long as cooking it fresh.

Keep stiring the mushrooms around so that it evenly cooks.

Once the mushrooms have been added start cooking the rice as to Chefs instructions on how to cook rice once the mushrooms are cooked cover the pan with a lid or tin foil whilst the rice finishes cooking.

This way the rice will be freshly cooked and the sweetcorn and mushrooms mixture will be warm and ready to stir through the rice.

Gently fry the baby spring onions for a few minutes on each side, remove from the pan and leave on a plate for serving.

Gently fry the smoked tofu cubes for a few minutes then place on a plate to ready for serving.

Once the rice has finished steaming add three quarters of the rice to the pan of sweetcorn and mushrooms.

Stir lightly but well.

To serve spoon the rice into a small dish and pat with the back of a spoon, plate a plate on top of the small bowl then turn upside down.

Place the baby spring onions on top of the rice and spoon the fried smoked tofu at the side of the rice.

Serve with tamari sauce. Enjoy Chefs tasty vegan sweetcorn rice recipe.

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