Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Small Wedding Cakes "Cinderella Carriage Cake"

pink wedding cake decoration
Small Wedding Cakes pict
cute wedding cake
Cinderella Carriage cake
mini wedding cake shaped Cinderella Carriage
Carriage Cake

Groom Disney Wedding Cakes "Cinderella Carriage Cake". This cake is well suited for wedding cake or birthday cake, because of its shape small and sweet. This cake includes a unique and funny cake with a shape like that.

Unique and Elegant Wedding Cakes. Although the process is too complicated and long, because her small form and too many ornaments that decorate it, but as you can see the wedding cake is a sweet and beautiful.

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zerry ht said...

Hey, I found this post so interesting. I also have been making plans for a fabulous Cinderella themed bash for my daughter’s birthday. At the domestic San Francisco venues I will throw this party but need some DIY d├ęcor ideas too. Do you have any ideas?

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