Friday, July 1, 2011

0 Murphy Bed and Desk Combo

We’d like to share a wonderful design idea by Min | Day; a bedroom with a Murphy bed and desk combo. This room belongs to a San Francisco home and was titled ‘Fogscape’ by the designers. The concept was inspired by the San Francisco fog and the idea of a dream-like abstract landscape. A rolling wall, adorned with an interesting algorithmic pattern, can be slid back and forth to reveal either a Murphy bed or a desk. This neat idea is a great space saving solution and best of all it looks so modern. The wall pattern really does have this ‘fog rolling in’ quality about it and the blue and white color scheme is fresh and cool and emphasizes the feeling of space. For a modern home that needs to maximize space or likes to keep things minimal - this is definitely an idea to consider. Contact Min | Day to find out if they can build one for you.

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