Friday, December 2, 2011

0 What’s in your bag?

I got this Obakki bag when I lived in Vancouver last year (how very West Coast of me). It’s made of the most beautiful, buttery leather that’s taken on its own unique shape and colour over time. I love how it slouches into whatever I’m wearing. It holds a lot, and I spend far too much time searching for things in there (something I hate watching other women do with their bags), but I don’t care. I love it. And it would appear that whatever I’m searching for comes in either black or brown.

I got these sunnies from Zara last summer, and I love that they are two-tone, because they go with everything. They’re also perfectly oversized yet secure on my narrow face—a combination that’s surprisingly hard to find. I always have them on me, because even though it might drop below -30C in Alberta on any given winter day, it can still be clear outside, with big blue sunny skies, and snow so bright you can’t see straight.

This camera is my secret weapon, and I never leave home without it. The Canon S95 was a Christmas gift from my parents last year (after I lost my last camera, which, months later, turned up in my roommate’s soccer cleat at the bottom of his laundry hamper). Since then, I’ve been wrongly labeled a “photographer” on more than one occasion, despite only knowing how to work a point and shoot. It’s assumed I use a DSLR, but this camera is magic and does everything on its own. I blame it for my increased photo addiction (I just cleared over 22,000 photos from my computer).

This non-keychain keychain is made of leather, and it’s local, from Oak + Fort. I picked it up at O + F’s Edmonton launch party in July, and it’s cut my key/purse searching time in half.

I typically carry Excel Spearmint gum with me, but I’ve been getting into the Excel Spearmint mints lately. Way classier.

I picked up this wallet at Winners a few years ago. I’m on the hunt for a new one (in real leather, preferably, to match the soft-touch of my Obakki bag), but I can’t commit. It’s just one of those things…

I can’t make to-do lists on my iPhone like I can in my Moleskine notebook. I need to be able to scribble, and doodle, and cross things out. If I ever lose this thing, and you find it, your reward is: “A Kiss” (as per the first page inscription).

My iPhone. Well, you know all about it, it never leaves my hand for Twitter/Facebook/email/blogging purposes. The background image and screensaver is usually a photo I’ve pulled from Pinterest (my second addiction) that I’m inspired by at the moment. This one is no surprise for the holidays (or anydays): sequins!

Hello Flawless! foundation by Benefit is my favourite cover-up of all time. Not only do I adore the retro packaging, but it’s also got a sponge and brush in the compartment below the mirror. The minerals are infused with SPF 15. It lasts forever, and is light enough to always make me feel refreshed after touch-ups. I converted my sister to Benefit last year.

I seem to have an excess of lipgloss and lipstick in my purse on a regular basis—and I just realized that I didn’t buy any of these for myself. The nude lipstick is by The Balm, and was a birthday gift from a friend based on its newspaper-print exterior; the mini pink Lancôme Juicy Tubes Smoothie gloss is one I’ve neglected to return to my best friend (that’s what happens when you don’t bring your own purse to an event and ask me to carry your stuff around in my huge bag); and the red M.A.C gloss was a gift from my other BFF, in “Russian Red,” that is my go-to lippy for a night out.

Lastly, I’ve been using liquid eyeliner for cat-eye lids, daily, for the last few years. I haven’t been happy with any brand other than Revlon’s Colourstay in “Black Brown.” But really, are you surprised by those hues?

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