Sunday, February 5, 2012

0 Liquid Eyeliner Done Right

Liquid liner is THE makeup essential of Spring 2012. The good news: one sweep along the lashline and your makeup look is nearly complete. The not-so-good news: it’s a littttttle tricky. And for that reason, we’re breaking down some critical do’s and don’ts.
DO pair black liquid liner with a red lip, flawless skin and nothing else for instant and effortless beauty.
DON’T pair a strong and precise liquid liner look with a heavy smoky eye. The two effects are too competitive with each other.

DO apply liquid liner THISCLOSE to the lash line in small dashes. Go over the dashed line again in a fluid motion to smooth the line, then build up the line if you want more impact or are creating a specific shape (hello, cateye).
DON’T keep piling on more liner to mask imperfections. Instead, if you mess up, clean and perfect the line using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

DO follow the curve from the lower lashline when extending liner up and out to create a cat-eye.

DON’T go out imbalanced. Check that your eyes are symmetrical. Note: one side will inevitably be easier than the other. Work to make the hard side look like the easy side.

DO choose a jet black liner for a classic look, chocolate brown or slate grey for a soft look and a bright color for a seasonal/trendy look.

DON’T use a bright color liquid unless the rest of the face is neutral.

DO use a small synthetic brush with concealer on it to edge out the perfect eyeliner shape and detail a creative shape.

DON’T run liquid liner on or along the lower lashline or in the tearline. Use pencil liner for that.

DO layer on the mascara to really pop the eye as a final step after liquid liner.

DON’T apply other eye makeup until the liquid liner has completely drie

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