Monday, April 2, 2007

0 Salmon of the Day!

Today I went Shopping and to my delight when I got to the fish section there was a HUGE Salmon staring at me all wrapped up a whole fish waiting to be bought for HALF the price!!
For 4 pounds 50 pence I was over the moon - until I when I got home and realised that I had to bone and skin it even though I had NEVER boned and skinned a whole fish before!

As you can see this fish is huge, I thought that by the time I had finished skinning, boning and chopping that I would only have a few scraps of salmon left!

But I had a try and...........

To my delight I got 4 HUGE pieces of salmon along with some mixed smaller pieces and I got out nearly every bone! Look :)

So I coated the salmon in some spelt flour mixed with salt and black pepper and fried it up serving it with some boiled Bulgar Wheat and fried yellow pepper/capsicum, a red onion and 5 or 6 carrots chopped. It was delicious and my whole family enjoyed it!

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