Wednesday, November 7, 2007

0 Quick Spicy Bean Noodles

This recipe is really quick and simple to cook. It is wholesome with its beans and with it's noodles also. Tasty as a small snack or an extra portion for a filling meal. The sweetness of the sweet red pepper against the green garden taste of fresh beans and soy sauce with noodles is just delicious! Get tucked into Jeena's Quick Spicy Bean Noodles and your taste buds will be well satisfied. :)

1/2 Tin Mixed Beans/Pulses
1 Pack Noodles (I used egg noodles)
1 Celery Stick (diced small)
Handful Fine Beans (sliced length ways then in half)
1/4 Fresh Fennel (sliced fine)
1/2 Red Chilli (chopped)
1/2 Small Onion (diced)
1/2 Sweet Pointed Red Pepper (chopped)
Soy Sauce
Pinch Salt and Black Pepper (optional)
Olive Oil Spray or Olive Oil to drizzle

( with olive oil rather than the oil spray will result in the food cooking even quicker, either way you do this make sure you don't over cook because fennel can go chewy if over done. Happy cooking.)

Getting Started.....

First have a pan of hot water ready, use your olive oil spray or drizzle a little in a separate pan and add your onions on a medium/high heat. When they start to go golden add your fennel. Then put your noodles in your pan of hot water with your celery. You don't want your celery chewy this is why I boil it first with the noodles.

Now add your fine green beans, cook for a minute then add your sweet pepper and chilli. Keep stiring. if you are using a olive oil spray you might want to spray here also.

Drain your tined beans rinse and add to your stir fry. Your noodles should be ready by now so quickly drain them off and add them to your pan. Stir well.

Chop up your noodles with your spatula. Add a few drops of soy sauce and salt and pepper(if you do add salt remember you only need a little as soy sauce is very salty already). Cook for a minute or two stiring always.

Now your quick spicy bean noodles are ready, Enjoy. :)

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