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0 Chocolate Rum Truffles Recipe

How to make easy chocolate rum truffles.

Chocolate truffles can come in many forms.

This chocolate rum truffle recipe is more of a small moist cake than chocolate sweet, for a delicious chocolate cake recipe click here for chocolate cake recipe with step-by-step pictures.

This rum truffle recipe tastes exactly like the shop bought ones, they are that good.

Chef uses the same recipe as the Russian slice for the truffle balls.

The texture is moist, the flavours are blended perfectly and the rum comes through to give the chocolate truffle that extra bit of delicious flavour.

A traditional rum truffle is placed into a medium sized paper cake case, in this recipe I have made medium sized truffles and also mini small truffles.

This recipe is very simple to make and prepare.

Pictures of mini chocolate rum truffles.

Ingredients for Chocolate Rum Truffle Recipe
Chocolate Vermicelli
Russian Slice Cake Mixture
Click here for russian slice recipe
Small/Medium Paper Cake Cases

Picture of chocolate vermicelli.

Picture of small and medium cake cases for the truffles.

How to Make a Rum Truffle Recipe

Take small sized portions of the Russian slice chocolate cake mixture and roll into a ball big enough to fit into your cake case.

Dip the rum truffle ball into the chocolate vermicelli.

Cover the rum ball completely with the chocolate vermicelli.

Take some plastic wrap and cover the truffles.

Place into the fridge for a few hours.

Enjoy your easy chocolate rum truffles recipe.

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