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0 Russian Slice Recipe

How to make a Russian Slice

If you live in the UK you must remember eating a Russian Slice from the local bakery as a child ?

I remember eating many lovely cakes from the bakery as a child; Russian Slices and Rum Truffles were always a big favourite as they tasted so nice.

You can get Russian Slices in different variations, some are placed on to a layer of shortcrust pastry and some with out.

In this Russian slice recipe I use stale (dry) chocolate cake and white Madeira cake with real dark rum and a few other ingredients to produce a delicious moist slice.

Both cakes used in the ingredients need to be dry as the moisture of these cakes depends on how the texture of this Russian cake slice recipe will turn out.

The texture is moist and wonderful to eat, the rum flavour comes through the chocolate and blends so well with the other ingredients.

If my Russian Slice recipe does not take you down memory lane then it will have you hooked as a fabulous new cake recipe to eat.

When your family and friends taste this Russian Slice recipe they will be amazed at how you have made such a fantastic tasting cake.

Impress your loved ones with the ultimate comfort food.

Ingredients for Russian Slice Recipe

12oz Dry Chocolate Cake (any type)
8oz Dry White Chocolate Cake (any type)
2 oz Butter
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
6-7 heaped tsp Seedless Raspberry Jam
3 Tbsp Dark Rum

Picture of a teaspoon of seedless rasperry jam.

Pictures of dry Madeira and chocolate cake.

How to make a Traditional Russian Slice Recipe

Break the white and chocolate cake in chunks in a mixing bowl.

Rub the two cakes together with your fingers to produce a dry crumb mixture.

Gently melt the butter.

Place the seedless raspberry jam into the bowl with the Tbsp lemon juice.

Pour in the melted butter.

Add the rum.

Mix together well.

You can taste the mixture to see if you need more rum.

Your Russian Slice recipe mixture will be a dark brown/red and thick textured.

Line a small loaf tin with plastic wrap.

Add the Russian Slice filling.

Make the top even with the back of a spoon.

Cover the Russian Slice with the plastic wrap and place into a fridge for a few hours.

Take the Russian slice out of the loaf tin.

Slice and serve as desired.

You can place a slice on top of some shortcrust pastry or eat it as it is.

Enjoy your Russian Slice Recipe just like from a bakery.

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