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0 Almond nut butter cake recipe

Almond nut butter cake recipe

If you want to impress someone with a gluten free egg free and vegan cake recipe then this almond butter cake recipe is the one for you.

Chef uses sponge cake with mixed gluten free flours and even ground cornflakes. The frosting is a mixture of vegan cream cheese and almond nut butter.

This cake is best left over night and sliced into the next day, after being in the fridge the sponge cake is lovely and moist and the frosting perfect.

Chef sprinkles toasted chopped almonds all over the cake to finish it off.

It is safe to say that a nut butter cake would be quite rich in taste, yet the fact that this cake is vegan means that modestly rich in taste and not too over powering with the nut butter - great news because this means it is ok to have that second slice.

Ingredients for almond butter cake

Dry cake ingredients

3oz Rice flour
40g Cornstarch
1oz Ground almonds
40g Ground cornflakes (check brands for gluten)
1 Tbsp Cornmeal flour (fine polenta)
1 + 1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp Xanthan gum
4 + 1/2 oz Caster sugar

Wet cake ingredients

2oz Vegan margarine
1 Tbsp Vanilla essence
150ml Soya milk
1 Tbsp Rice bran oil
1oz Caster sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla essence
2 Tbsp Flax seeds
4 Tbsp Hot water

Almond butter frosting ingredients

325g Vegan cream cheese
150g Powdered sugar
2-3 Drops of lemon juice
1 tsp Vanilla essence
2 Tbsp Vegan margarine
1 Tbsp Almond nut butter
1 + 1/2 Tbsp Almond nut butter
Strawberry jam/conserve

Want to dig your fork into this?

How to make a gluten free vegan almond butter cake

Grind the flax seeds into a powder.

Place into a small dish and add the 4 tablespoon of hot water, mix well and leave to the side.

Place all of the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

Mix well with a spoon.

Add the margarine, oil and 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence, use a mixer or your fingers to rub the oils into the dry mixture.

The mixture should resemble bread crumbs.

Add the soya milk as you mix the cake mixture together.

Mix very well.

Add the 1 ounce of sugar, flax seed mixture and half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Mix well for a few minutes.

Pour the gluten free vegan cake mixture into a greased and floured cake tin.

Place into a hot oven at gas mark 7 for 35 minutes.

After 35 minutes turn the heat down the gas mark 5 1/2 for another 15-20 minutes.

Once the cake is ready leave to cool for a few minutes then carefully remove from the cake tin and place onto a cooling rack.

How to make an almond butter frosting

Take a small pan and add the chopped almonds.

Keep shaking the pan over a low/medium flame for a few minutes.

Careful as nuts toast very quickly, do not leave the almond nuts on the heat or else it will burn.

Leave the chopped nuts to the side until later.

Place all of the frosting ingredients into a mixer and mix well.

Be sure to sieve the powdered sugar into the mixing bowl.

When you add the lemon juice add 2-3 drops into a spoon then pour the drops of the spoon into the mixture - this prevents too much lemon juice being added to the frosting.

The frosting will not be so thick in texture but it will thicken up as it is mixed into the almond nut butter.

In a medium sized mixing bowl place 1 tablespoon of almond nut butter. Add 6 tablespoons of the white frosting to the almond nut butter one spoonful at a time and mix well.

Make sure you add the frosting to the nut butter and not the other way round.

The cake should be cold when you make the almond butter frosting.
Slice the cake in half and spread the bottom half with strawberry jam.

Dollop the almond butter from the medium sized bowl on top of the strawberry jam, spread evenly but leave a gap at the edges of the cake.

In the same medium mixing bowl place 1 plus half a tablspoon of almond nut butter, gradually add the rest of the white frosting to the almond nut butter only adding spoonfuls at a time and mixing well.

Place the top half of the lid back on top of the cake. Spread the remaining almond nut butter frosting all over the top and sides of the cake.

Sprinkle the toasted chopped almonds over the top of the cake and around the sides.

Gently cover the cake in plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight.

Slice and serve.
Enjoy chef Jeenas almond nut butter cake recipe.

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