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0 Tofu stir fry recipe

Tofu stir fry recipe

Chef has cooked a delicious tofu stir fry recipe using smoked tofu.

Smoked tofu can be smoked using beech or oak wood and can vary in size, texture and taste.

A good smoked tofu can taste like a fabulous smokey sausage which can be used in a number of recipes including a vegan smoked tofu pizza cooked by Chef.

This stir fry recipe uses lots fresh vegetables including fresh ginger which always tastes great in any stir fry.

Soba noodles are a mixture of wheat and buckwheat, if you want to make a gluten free smoked tofu stir fry recipe use rice noodles instead.

Make sure you add lashings of Soy Sauce to the finished dish along with a some fresh cracked black pepper.

Follow the step-by-step recipe instructions below.

Ingredients for tofu stir fry recipe

1 Pack smoked tofu
1 Onion (sliced fine)
1 Sweet pointed red pepper (sliced)
1 Green pepper (sliced)
Frozen sweetcorn
Frozen peas
1 large tsp Garlic paste
2-4 inch piece Fresh ginger (sliced small and thin)
Soy sauce
Salt (optional)
Fresh black pepper
Soba noodles
Rice bran oil

'Note...Fresh chillies can be added with the red and green peppers for an extra spicy stir fry recipe.'

Picture of noodles and smoked tofu stir fry on a fork.

Picture of a cooked chunk of smoked tofu.

Picture of Soba noodles.

Picture of smoked tofu.

How to make a tofu stir fry recipe

On a medium heat fry the onions and ginger until they start to soften.

Add the peppers, stir well and keep cooking for 5 minutes.

Add the garlic paste, stir well.

Add the peas and sweetcorn.

Keep stiring and cooking, add a little salt if desired but go easy as soy sauce is very salty.

Once all the vegetables are cooked pour the vegetables into a bowl.

Carefully wipe the pan with kitchen roll.

Drizzle a little oil and place the smoked tofu into the pan.

Lightly brown both sides - this will take minutes do not over cook the tofu it just needs a light colour on the edges and heating through.

Once the smoked tofu is ready pour back the stir fried vegetables into the pan.

Stir for a minute to warm through and drizzle some Soy sauce.

Add the cooked noodles to the pan and stir together.

Serve with plenty of soy sauce and fresh cracked black pepper.

Enjoy Chef Jeenas tofu stir fry recipe.

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