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0 Chicken stew recipe

How to make an easy chicken stew recipe

Chicken stew recipes do not need any special ingredients to taste fantastic, the secret of a tasty chicken stew is cooking chicken pieces on the bone, this way you have your very own chicken stock flavor without having to add extra shop bought stock and of course, the taste is far superior from real chicken.

Chef cooks chicken stew two ways, a chunky chicken stew and then shows you how to turn the stew into a delicious chicken soup recipe without blending which makes the soup very appealing to the eye than a basic soup.

This is a real simple recipe to cook, no wines, stocks, special herbs, using a little salt and curry powder only.

The chicken is moist and succulent and the vegetables compliment one another in such a tasty way. Chef also uses a lot of garlic in this recipe so it sure is a good stew to cook for family and friends when they have a cold.

Chefs easy chicken soup recipe is packed with flavor, warming and healthy, great for winter.

Ingredients for chicken stew recipe

6 mixed Chicken thigh & leg pieces
5-6 Carrots (sliced)
4-5 Zucchini (sliced)
1 Onion (chopped)
5-6 Garlic (crushed)
6-8 Potatoes (chunks)
1 +1/2 tsp Mild curry powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric
Salt to season
1 Litre water
2 Tbsp Cornflour (cornstarch)

Picture of chicken soup made from the chunky stew.

Picture of succulent chicken placed back into the stew.

How to make an easy chicken stew recipe

Take a large pan and heat on a medium flame.

Add the chicken and onions stir and lightly sear and cook for a few minutes, do not overly brown/cook the chicken.

Add the curry powders and garlic, stir well so that the powder is covers the chicken and all the powder is wet from the oil and juices.

Add the carrots then zucchini and pour in the water.

Do not stir bring to the boil then simmer for 15- 20 minutes.

Now carefully add the potatoes and simmer for another 1 + 1/2 hour or until the chicken meat is moist and falling off the bone.

Simmer with a lid on whilst cooking and stir occasionally.

Once the chicken is cooked turn the heat off, take the chicken from the pan and pick the chicken off the bone and stir back into the stew.

Check for seasoning and add more salt if needed.

In a small bowl mix two spoonfuls of cornflour with approximately two spoonfuls of water into a thick gooey paste.

Add the cornflour mix to the stew to thicken it and stir.

Enjoy Chefs easy chicken stew recipe.

To make this stew into a delicious and delicate chicken soup simply use a potato masher to crush the chicken and vegetables.

This method will produce a fabulous thick chicken soup that not only looks and tastes amazing but is great for people who prefer soups over chunky stews.

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