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Diamond Engagement Rings along with beautiful, unique and antique gem stones of different colors blue, green, yellow, red building its beauty elegant and pleasing to eyes.

The most expensive ring in the world is the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring, priced at $16.26 million.

The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring has one that weighs in at nine carats that can make any girl go gaga over it!! The ring features an enormous, oval-shaped blue diamond, with diamond shoulders and an 18k white gold band paved with diamonds.

This ring can make any other ring look insufficient and ordinary or rather should I say you have a safe bet with this ring to charm and win over the girl you love.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. This stone set a record for the most expensive piece of carat sold at auction, coming in at $16.26 million. The stone comes in at $1.7 million per carat and is an oval-shaped diamond with blue hue that is internally flawless.

As Blue Diamond is the only Diamond that is World's most expensive and ever wanted from the centuries. Another diamond engagement rings covered with blue diamond are:

Red Diamond or Rubby Gemstone is also one of the most elegant and pleasing to one's eye.

Rubies are characteristically high in value with some of the most expensive being purchased for an astounding 3.5 million dollars for 8.62 carats. This ring has a color of “pigeon’s blood red”, which is deep red with a intimation of blue. The color of this ring makes it an exceptional item. It is also rumored that once the Sultan of Brunei purchased this item, he presented it to one of his wives as a gift.
Bulgari Ruby Ring.
Other rubby and red rings are:

The Green Diamond
Emerald Cocktail Ring: The extravagance jeweler Chopard showcases a wealth of high-priced items. But this brilliant Emerald Cocktail ring produced by them outshines all competitors. It features half-moon diamond shoulders, which hold a 33.02-carat solitaire emerald in a pave setting upon a plaltinum band. This exquisite item sells for a cool $2.14 million.
Emerald Cocktail Ring.
Other Green and sea green Diamonds are:

The Yellow Diamond Ring
Novo Yellow Diamond Ring. This magnetic item sells from Tiffany’s for $1.35 million. Coming in 25.27 carats, this yellow diamond ring set in platinum is one of the most overgenerous pieces out there.
White Diamond is most demanding diamond in the world, presenting few stylish, beautiful and widely used engagement diamond rings:

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