Tuesday, April 26, 2011

0 World's Most Expensive Diamond Covered Surprising Stuff | Football | Mercedes


In 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup put a new mark in the most expensive bracket. Two cricket balls were made as awards for two most noticeable cricketers. The winners of Best Interim Player and Best Indian Cricketer were receive one of the two most expensive cricket balls.

The balls are rounded out with 5,728 diamonds with an 18-carat gold stitch, making them worth $68,500US. The 2007 ICC World Cup of Cricket was held in the West Indies where the Australian team were dominating the competition.

World’s most expensive diamond “Football” by Yair Shimansky

Yair Shimansky is a famous designer in South Africa who designed the most expensive diamond covered "football" in the whole world ever. This special "football" is used of 6620 pieces of white diamonds and 2640 pieces of black diamonds totally, and it took the designer three months, its total value is up to 2.5 million Dollars. Watch the pics below: 

Diamond Covered Mercedes SL

Another diamond covered Mercedes Benz SL55 at an auto show overseas. More pics after the jump. 

Human Skull Covered with Diamond

Diamond Covered Microphone

 Diamond Chess

 Diamond Covered Heal/ Shoes
Nothing left without diamond.
What do you think diamonds are Superfluous?

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