Monday, March 26, 2007

0 Healthy Date and Wheat Snacks

If you are dieting or health conscious or you don't eat eggs these are a fantastic healthy snack.

1 tbsp Set Honey
2 tbsp Healthy Margarine
1 Heaped tsp Almond Paste
1 Teaspoon Rice Flour
3 tbs Wholewheat Flour
Tiny Pinch Cinnamon
1 More tbsp Set Honey mix
4 tbsp Wholewheat
Hand Full Dates
Splash of Water and Honey
Melted Margarine

Mix 1 tbs of honey with the margarine and cream together, add the almond nut paste and mix well. Add the rice flour and sieve in 3 tbs of wholewheat flour with a tiny pinch of Cinnamon(you will be left with some wheat bits in the sieve, keep it to the side as it is added later) then add the other tbs of honey. It should form a doughy ball.

Then add 3 heaped tbs of whole wheat flour and the wheat bits from earlier. Rub together with your hands as thought to make (short crust pastry) a crumb like texture.

Then warm a little water with a little honey and mix in the dates, then pour the whole cup into one of the mixes and make into a biscuit dough. To make the plain dough just add a little water.

Roll the date mix flat and put onto your greased tray then spread with a little melted margarine(you can sprinkle on some grated coconut at this point if you wish) then roll the plain mix and put it on top of the date mix.

Cook on a medium heat until golden brown.

Cut into whichever shape you wish and enjoy! :)

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