Friday, May 11, 2007

0 Best Bread and Butter Pudding Ever! ( My Favourite Treat!)

We ate this after our dinner tonight and it was absolutely FANTASTIC!

I don't want to sound vain but this pudding was so very delicious you must try it as it was wonderful!

This "bread and butter pudding recipe" does not need cream or fancy ingredients and it is easy, quick and the best pudding you will ever taste I promise you that !

White Bread Baton/French Stick
Full fat Milk

Light Brown Sugar
1 Egg
Butter(to spread)
Drop Vanilla Essence

First cut your baton into slices.

Spread with butter on one side only.

Whisk your egg with a little drop of milk and a few drops of vanilla essence.

Put one layer of the bread at the bottom of your dish.

Sprinkle over some brown sugar.

Sprinkle a few sultanas on top of the sugar.

Drizzle over a little of your egg mix.

Now do the same with another layer and another layer till you reach the top of your dish.

Pour milk all over the top of your layered bread until it is just under the brim of your dish. Leave it for one or two minutes to soak up a little.

Pour some more milk until it reaches the brim of your dish again. Sprinkle with brown sugar and leave for one or two minutes again.

(Do not expect the bread to soak up all the milk here because it will cook into the bread in the oven.)

Put into your oven on the middle shelf at approx 175C and cook for approx 30 minutes or until the topping of your pudding is golden brown and it looks like it has soaked up most of the milk at the sides.

Serve as it is you don't need cream or custard with this bread and butter pudding it is just so very delicious as it is !

This bread and butter pudding was so tasty and yummy that we almost ate the bowl in a bread and butter frenzy.

If you want to use another kind of bread for this it will work just as good as long as the type of bread you use can act as a sponge for the milk. I prefer Batons the best but you can use your own preference. Have fun cooking !

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