Wednesday, May 23, 2007

0 Jeena's Cheshire Pie

My hubby and me really enjoyed this delicious pie as it's been a while since I have made it. The Cheshire cheese in this pie gives it the gorgeous flavour and the wholewheat pastry gives this pie that rustic touch that fills you up and really satisfies! If you like cheese and onion pie then you will love Jeena's Cheshire Pie!

Half Leek(chopped small)

Half Tin Peas

2-3 Small/Medium Sweet Potatoe's(Chopped Small)

apporx 100g Cheshire Cheese(grated)

Wholewheat Pastry(Approx half the amount of butter to wholewheat flour) - click here for jeena's wholewheat pastry recipe

First cook your sweet potatoes and leeks together in a pan with some salt until soft. Then add half a tin of peas and drain.

Mix in your cheese and place filling into your pie pastry (that has been heated in the oven for a short time to prevent the filling making the bottom of the pie soggy).

Place the lid of your pie on with two small slits and cook in a hot oven approx 200C until golden and crispy.

When your pie is done you can trim the edges down if you choose.

You don't really need to serve this pie with anything as it is very filling. Enjoy this scrumptious Cheshire pie! :)

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