Monday, January 14, 2008

0 About Jeenas Kitchen food recipe blog

About Jeenas Kitchen:

Jeena is a Housewife, Mother and Cook and devotes
her "unpaid time" to developing FREE online recipes
for her photo food recipe blog. All the step-by-step
photos you see are taken by Jeena herself.

I have a passion about good "healthy food" that is
tasty, easy to cook and that is good for your health.

New content is added daily and this popular site now
has many recipes that include: Gluten free, dairy
free, eggless, sugar free, vegetarian and vegan,
and low fat recipes and many more.


What you get with Jeenas Kitchen:

1) Free healthy food recipes

2) A step-by-step photo guide

3) New food recipes added daily.

4) Nutrition advice

5) Tasty healthy recipes for special diets, gluten

free, low fat recipes, weight loss recipes,
and many more....

6) Free cooking help and advice by e-mail

7) Coming soon: Online step by step video guide.


Get Healthy with Jeenas food plan !

Healthy recipes can be very tasty and I hope that
this food recipe blog will give you a "new look" at the
way you cook.

With Jeenas food plan you can forget about diets that
count calories, restrict carbs, etc .. all these
diets are fad diets that do NOT work, in fact you
can end up with more weight !

The key to losing weight and feeling good is to eat
healthy and have some regular exercise, it is
that simple.

" You can still have your burgers but Jeena gives you
a more tasty burger that is good for your health !"

An example:

Easy bean burgers


Feel free to spread the word about Jeenas Kitchen

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2) You can add a link from your website to Jeenas Kitchen

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8) Subscribe to my site by "RSS feed" to get the latest
updates- see my homepage.

Jeenas kitchen relies on word of mouth and free publicity, so
if you can help me then this is appreciated.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy reading my food recipe blog,
see you again next time.


Jeena xx

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