Sunday, February 24, 2008

0 Lamb Keema

Hi Everybody,

It has been very busy in Jeenas kitchen recently with lots of recipes being cooked and baked as well as adding the finishing touches to Jeenas NEW FOOD RECIPE WEBSITE.

My lovely husband cooked me a delicious lamb keema/kheema curry today, it tasted WONDERFUL! It was so full of aromatic flavours it was very tasty, I could not stop saying yum yum.

It is so great to have my hubby cook me a surprise meal. I thought I would share some pictures of the lovely lamb keema/kheema curry he prepared for me.

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Lamb keema/kheema curry cooking in the pan.

Lamb keema/kheema curry served on a plate with some freshly cooked fragrant basmati rice.

I love my husbands curry's they are so very delicious. I hope you enjoyed having a peek at his delicious lamb keema/kheema curry recipe.

Jeena xx

Stay tuned as Jeenas kitchen is getting BIGGER and BETTER!



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