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Each year, as awards show season descends upon us, we always look more forward to red carpet than the
 actual awards program itself. We like fashion, so sue us.
Normally, we’re all about anticipating what the leading ladies will wear, but have you seen the crop of best actor candidates this year? Seriously, we are waving a fan in front of our faces right now even though it’s, like, 30 degrees outside. So instead, we’re kind of wondering: Who will the fellas be wearing … on their arms? And we’re not talking tuxedo jackets, people.
This year, our most anticipated red carpet sighting are mostly related to the gents and their dates… but we’ve included a red carpet vets of the female persuasion, too. Because obviously, red carpet royalty doesn’t have to include a king.
George Clooney (nominated for The Descendents): Let’s face it, it’s hard to stand out when you’re standing next to arguably America’s hottest leading man, George Clooney, so his latest girlfriend, Stacy Kiebler has her work cut out for her. In 2011, the actress and former pro wrestler hit several red carpet events (with and without Clooney) mostly wearing black or nude gowns. The time she veered into the land of silver-gray, she was chastised for her “nip slip” in several tabloids — but hey, at least it was covered by a pasty.
At the Golden Globes this year, we hope she’ll recover from her wardrobe malfunction headline and come out on top. And, to stand out from the pack, we’d love to see her in a bold hue that contrasts her skin and golden locks. Please, Stacy, no more nude tones — they wash you out. If you opt for classic black, let’s keep it interesting with an unexpected embellishment, a sky-high slit or some kind of architectural cut-outs.
Brad Pitt (nominated for Moneyball): Honestly, is there ANY way Pitt’s squeeze, Angelina Jolie, can top last year’s long-sleeved, sparkling green gown that catapulted her to the top of nearly every best-dressed list? The vampy mom of ten million tends to favor black gowns (and always looks stunning in them),  but to turn in another jaw-dropping red carpet look that can compete with Pitt’s star power this year, Jolie needs to dig deep. She needs another bold hue, some to-die-for accessories, and/or something that hugs that her fantastic figure.
Leonardo Dicaprio (nominated for J. Edgar): – Dicaprio, who generally goes through fashion model girlfriends like most people go through undies, is most likely to come with his favorite date — Mom! — or by himself. Mom dates are always our favorite, and a safe bet when you’re playing the field as much as Leo. Plus, momma Irmelin, has been to enough of these things that she won’ t have trouble getting dressed. She seems to feel comfortable in playful hues, such as blue, red, turquoise and metallics, and we say, go for it! Show off yourself and your son, Irmelin.
Ryan Gosling (nominated for Ides of March): — Gossip mags and photos say that Gosling and actress/model Eva Mendes are a couple, but they have yet to make it public. Here’s hoping the Golden Globes are their coming out party, especially since Mendes is such a vivacious red carpet siren. Never one to bore, Mendes isn’t afraid of bold hues or unusual gowns — and when she does choose a basic color like white or black? You can bet she’s wearing a statement piece of jewelry or that the dress has fun details that guarantee a second look. We’d love to see her bust out in one of 2012′s hot colors: tangerine. She’s one of few people who could pull off the hue, and if she complemented it with gold and purple jewelry? We’d be in heaven!
Michael Fassbender (nominated for Shame): While Fassbender has been linked to Zoe Kravitz, it appears the actor — nominated for his role as a sex addict in Shame — is flying solo for the moment. Maybe he’ll bring his mom, but even if he comes alone, he’s still got those baby blue eyes… a fine accessory, if we do say so ourselves.
Charlize Theron (nominated for Young Adult): Theron veers toward (and glows in) tones of white, nude and cream for many major events. But we’d love to see her kick it up a notch and sparkle in something metallic, or revisit some hue of purple again, but this time minus the ridiculous flowers that adorned her breasts at the 2010 Academy Awards. At any rate, Theron usually comes away a winner whether or not she’s holding a statue, but this year, she has a chance to do both.
Michelle Williams (nominated for My Week With Marilyn): One of our favorite fashonistas, Williams has nowhere to go but up after last year’s Golden Globes mishap: A daisy printed dress that was better suited for a summer barbecue than a major awards event. Luckily, the printed frock was an anomaly for the normally-fashion forward actress, whose fresh face — flanked by that adorable pixie cut — always stands out in a sea of flowing locks and updos. The gown, for her, is merely icing on the cake, and this year we’re hoping that icing is finger lickin’ good.
Kate Winslet (nominated for Carnage): Winslet has been a red carpet staple for what seems like a hundred years, and it’s hard not to be envious of her ability to look simultaneously glamorous AND effortless. Even more, she’s a fashion chameleon, having embraced nearly every color under the rainbow, various gown styles, classic elegance to va-va-voom looks and everything in between. So, on a year she’ll have an additional nomination spotlight on her, it’s not a matter of IF she’ll dazzle, but when.

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