Friday, January 13, 2012

0 The Style Evolution of Zooey Deschanel

Although it's hard to imagine Zooey looking anything other than adorable, the actress experimented with a few less than stellar looks before cementing her signature style.

Full List:
Fresh Start Fresh Start
Singing the Blues Singing the Blues
Power of Prints Power of Prints
Dark Departure Dark Departure
Simply Sweet Simply Sweet
Ahoy There Ahoy There
Renaissance Woman Renaissance Woman
Lady in Red Lady in Red
Princess Buttercup Princess Buttercup
Ice Queen Ice Queen
Cue the Shine Cue the Shine
Little Bo Peep Little Bo Peep
Don't Shed a Tier Don't Shed a Tier
Swinging '60s Swinging '60s
The Oscar Goes to... The Oscar Goes to...
Mime's the Word Mime's the Word
Primetime Queen Primetime Queen
American Girl American Girl
Golden GirlGolden Girl

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