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0 Mince Pie Recipe

Here is Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe!

These pies are the most delicious mince pies you will ever taste, the pastry is not rich at all as it is soft, light and crumbles in the mouth.

I have never tasted a mince pie with a pastry as light and delicious as Nanna's.

The step by step picture guide below to Nanna's mince pie recipe is of Nanna herself baking these lovely mince pies.

It was not long before this plate of freshly baked mince pies was left with not a crumb on the plate as they are so very tasty. ..Why not try them out yourself as they were truly wonderful !

8 oz Self Raising Flour
3 oz Trex Vegetable Fat ( or butter/margarine if you can't find trex)
1 Tbsp White Sugar
Small Jar Mince
5 Level Tbsp Cold Water
Powdered Sugar for dusting

You will need one large and one medium crinkle cut round biscuit cutter and a jam tart oven tray.

Getting Started on Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe...

Place your flour, sugar and trex into a bowl and rub together with your fingers until you have a bread crumb consistency.

Add your cold water and mix the crumbs into a ball of pastry using a blunt knife or spoon.

Flour a surface and roll half of your pastry out thin.

Take your largest biscuit cutter, cut out twelve shapes and place into your jam tart tray.

Take a teaspoon and drop a good tsp full of mince into eat pie. Don't over fill your mince pies or it will seep out of the edges of your mince pie lids.

Dip your finger in a little water and gently dab the edges of your mince pies. You don't need to soak the pastry it is just to lightly stick the pastry lids onto your mince pies.

Take your second half of pastry and roll out thin again. Use your smaller biscuit cutter to cut out the lids for your mince pies. Take a blunt knife and and put a line into the middle of each pie lid. Gently press on top of your mince pies on the oven tray.

Place into a pre-heated oven at 205C and cook for 17 minutes or until lightly golden.

Take your mince pies out of the oven and dust with powdered sugar straight away. Take out of the oven tray and place onto a dish. Best eaten when cooled.

Enjoy Nanna's Delicious Mince Pie Recipe!

I hope you enjoyed Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe.

Who in your family cooks nice food ? How do you cook your mince pies ?


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