Thursday, December 27, 2007

0 Parippu / Dal Curry Recipe (dhal/ daal recipe)

This Parippu/ Dal Curry Recipe tastes absolutely amazing- you will love it!

I got the recipe from my dear friend Seena Salkkaaram. (All credit for this delicious recipe goes to Seena, so please do visit seena's blog to find out more).
Thank you Seena for such a tasty recipe that our family will be keeping forever. We all enjoyed it very much.

I have made some minor changes as I did not have coconut oil, fresh green chilli's or curry leaves, but it still tasted fantastic and I will be cooking this wonderful recipe again and again!

As we sat and ate this beautiful Parippu Curry, all I could hear around the room was 'mmmmmmm'..... and all my family enjoyed this dhal recipe so much that every one wanted more and more, it was so tasty !

The lentils were perfect with the onions and spices. When you taste the aromatic flavour of cumin and mustard seeds you will think WOW..
feel free to make this recipe yourself as it is a must cook !... For Seena's delicious Parippu Dal Curry Recipe Click Here.

How I cooked Seena's Delicious Parippu Recipe..

I rinsed the lentils and placed them into a pan with the onions, tomatoes and spices, then added water and salt.

I cooked it on a medium flame then added my garlic with a little more water.

Then I sprinkled in some dried curry leaves.

Here I fried the seeds in some olive oil then added them to the cooked lentils, the sound of the hot oil and seeds as they pour onto the lentils is fantastic!

Now my Parippu Daal curry is ready to serve.

I am sure you will enjoy Seena's Parippu Curry Recipe as much as we did!

With this delicious Dal Curry Recipe we ate some of my mung sprout and buckwheat dosa's which I will be posting soon so stay tuned!

For Seena's Full Parippu Recipe Click Here

Thank you so much Seena for this wonderful recipe. We enjoyed the taste and we will be cooking this dish again and again as it was fantastic !

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