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0 Coconut macaroons recipe

Coconut macaroons are a quick and easy recipe to make.

The macaroons taste moist inside with a light crisp on the outside and a delicious toasted almond on top.

Just the thing to satisfy that sweet tooth after cooking a wonderful meal.

Ingredients for coconut macaroons recipe

5oz Sugar
5oz Desiccated Coconut
1 Medium Egg
2 Sheets Edible Rice Paper

Whisk the egg, add sugar and coconut.

Mix well until it all starts to clump together slighlty.

You are not making a dough, it may look like it does not have enough moisture but it is supposed to look this way.

Line a baking tin with your rice paper (do not grease).

Take an egg cup or shot glass and lightly fill to the top with your coconut mixture.

Do not press hard or it will not come out of the cup, lightly place the coconut mixture into the cup - the cup does not need to be greased either.

Turn it upside onto your rice paper, your coconut mixture should easily glide from the cup into a mountain shape.

To give the coconut mountains more of a triangle shape use your fingers to gently mould 3 sides to it.

Add one whole raw almond onto the top.

Only lightly press on the almonds.

Put the macaroons into a hot oven at 160-170C for 10 minutes or until it turns slightly golden.

Take out and leave to cool a little.

Slice around the coconut mountains and serve.

Enjoy Chefs coconut macaroons recipe.

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