Wednesday, September 26, 2007

0 Tea Bread Recipe

Since the weather is starting to change here in the UK I thought it was time I cooked a lovely wholesome snack that goes perfect with a cup of fresh hot tea.

My tea bread recipe is a cross between a fruit cake and a fruit bread.

It is very delicious and there will be plenty to go around, you can eat it as a piece of cake or like us - eat it sliced with a thin spread of butter, yum yum!

All you have to do is soak your dried fruit in some hot tea over night then the recipe is almost done, yes it's that easy! Why not give this delicious recipe a try?

See Jeenas full step-by-step tea brea recipe below.


8 oz/225g Sultanas
4oz/100g Raisins
4oz/100g Currants
6oz/175g Light Brown Sugar
1/4 Pint Hot Fresh Tea
1 Medium Egg
8oz225g Self Raising Flour

Sultanas, raisins and currants..

How to Make Jeenas Tea Bread Recipe

First make a 1/4 pint of fresh tea and add your sugar.

Your tea must be hot to melt the sugar. Mix it well then add all your dried fruit mix well again.

You may think there is not enough fluid to soak up the fruit, if you gently tilt your bowl/jug to the side you should see there is quite a lot of liquid.

Cover and leave over night for your fruits to plump up.

The next day pour all of your fruit with juices into a bowl.

Mix your egg into your fruit then add your flour and mix well.

After mixing well pour your tea bread mixture into a greased and floured oven dish.

Place into a pre-heated oven at 160C for approx 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours.

It depends on your oven so check your tea bread by poking a skewer into to - if it comes out clean it should be ready, do not open the oven for at least 40 minutes.

Turn out onto a rack and leave to cool.

Slice and serve as desired, eat as a peice or slice and spread with butter.

Enjoy Jeenas Tea Bread Recipe.

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