Saturday, September 29, 2007

0 Kerala Chicken Curry

Tonight I cooked Seena's Kerala Chicken Curry for my hubby and me.

It was delicious, thank you Seena for such a wonderful recipe.

You are missing out on a lovely meal if you have not yet tried this recipe. It was very aromatic, had a perfect heat of the chilli and just over all packed with flavour. Seena wrote out the her recipe easy for other people to understand.

All credit goes to Seena click here for Seena's Curry Recipe.

Also to go with this lovely curry I made some Wholewheat Chapattis.

We really enjoyed this meal tonight. It goes to show we should all have a go at cooking one an other's recipes, after all blogging is all about sharing our favourite foods together as friends.

Love Jeena x

Here is Seena's Kerala Chicken Curry Cooking

Why not click Seena's links at the top of the page so you can see this delicious meal for yourselves.

We enjoyed these recipes tonight! :)

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